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Dot Net Vs Java Salary

The software Engineering knowledge will be of greater help. None of them is correct. Java Or .net Which Is Better For Jobs Home Home Quick Links Activity Recent Posts Community Community Quick Links Advanced Search Recent Posts Downloads Downloads Quick Links Search Resources Most Active Contributors Latest Reviews Members Members Quick Links Most Java Or .net Which Is Better For Future Hide this message.QuoraSign In .NET Framework Java (programming language) Computer ProgrammingWhat is easy dot net or java framework?UpdateCancelPromoted by Airbrake.ioDon't let debugging ruin your day.Let Airbrake automatically group your .NET errors

ROI) is that your choice of platform doesn't get obsolete in 5 or even 10 years. Java “Java” refers to a set of programs and standards originally created by Sun Microsystems, and now owned by Oracle Corporation. Let me make it very clear : You need to be master of at least one and jack of several! One of the reasons is that Microsoft has been giving special attention to make .Net popular in India. Dot Net Vs Java Which Is Better

I think most of the big IT companies in India let you do that. I also heard that they use framewo...Are things like .Net and Java easy to learn? Sign Up Now, It's Free! Which one is easier?

That's what I said..If there is an upgrade I can do it, no prob. Difference Between Java And Net So is there are any software I can use rather than this C# software? And how?I wanted to learn .NET, but I don't know Java.

Shall I learn .NET before learning Java?Which is easier to learn, Java or C#?Which one is easier to learn, Java or Swift?

P.S.: Don't take my New Year's Message too seriously or personally. Standard Library Source Code Availability - Java source code for the core libraries are available in every J2SDK distribution, .NET sources can only be seen by resorting to illegal means. The developers who work on .NET uses C# most and that's why this ambiguation is made. Learn Dot Net In 21 Days Pdf Investigate outside vendor support As mentioned above, Java’s strength lies in libraries developed by various third-party vendors.

What about JS?Which programming language is better to learn, Java or .NET?Between Java and Python, which one is better to learn first and why? We all know why the most powerful OS in the world today (Unix) NEVER supported executable files like the ones MS uses. But a clean install means I have to format my C: and install. Last time i checked where I live (Norway) it was roughly 60% .NET and 40% Java.

No, create an account now. Every language under .NET is the same, so learning any of the Microsoft tools will do. Let's nut start a language debate. I am just in the process of getting fade up with Software Development.

It's replaced by JavaEE over 4 years ago. –BalusC May 22 '10 at 15:39 add a comment| 3 Answers 3 active oldest votes up vote 2 down vote What kind of That's set in stone, buddy. view of these two will tell you that Java is a programming language (generally speaking) while .Net is a framework. .Net, as you might know, is a platform that supports several Like @rahul69 said here, Java can help you clear basic concepts and help you in coding Java.

However, I think the .NET stack is easier to learn because there are fewer choices you have to make since Microsoft provides the entire stack, and because the .NET API is But where they're used, and how they've been used, are highly divergent from each other.Back in the day, a Java applet was the coolest thing to put on your web page Factor in productivity based on choice of tools, turnaround time, and hosting costs such as users per server, cost of application servers, etc. There has yet to be a production release of a database that supports any .NET languages.

Java is open source that is why MS can write Java in .NET.Java language is available on .NET platforms long before java is open sourced. Start building your killer GUI application on top of killer IDE frameworks. asked 6 years ago viewed 3709 times active 1 year ago Linked 3 Which technology ocean to swim for a software engineer, Microsoft or OpenSource/Linux/Java? You go to them and obtain exclusive licence to use the specification and modify it to suite you needs, unlike MS.Majority of java API are developed by subproject groups and submitted